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Family Health

Family Health is more than an outpatient clinic for the local community. We provide continuity of care for both active duty personnel, retirees and their families. A rare number of our patients may have even been born here at this location when it was known as Edwards Hospital. Our providers are familiar with the wide range of issues that can affect this unique population. While our primary goal is to ensure our active duty personnel meet readiness standards, we also care for patients who may suffer various chronic conditions often seen in an older population. Thanks to our enrollment of local retirees, it is possible we might be caring for the health of a Medal of Honor Recipient or a decorated War Veteran. As a Patient Centered Medical Home, our military treatment facility oversees routine physical examinations of our more than 5,000 adult member enrollment. Service members rely on their primary care manager teams for the processing of such administrative needs as surgical clearance and medical leave, which require coordination of care within the network of off-base specialty providers. When our service members are deployed to overseas locations, they look to their MTF family for the care of their loved ones. We are proud to provide for both mental and physical wellness as we integrate care with our local clinics such as Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Physical Therapy, Women’s Health, Pediatrics and the Specialty Care offerings within the TRICARE network.

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Main Clinic, Building 5525


7:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.



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