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Join Sept. 24 Webinar on TRICARE After Retirement


Will you or a family member be retiring soon? Do you have questions about how your TRICARE coverage may change for you and your family as a retiree? Join the “How Do I Keep TRICARE Coverage After Retirement?” webinar on Sept. 24, from 1 to 2 p.m. ET to get your questions answered.

When you retire from active duty or retire from the National Guard or Reserve, your TRICARE coverage changes. The webinar will cover retiree health, dental, and vision plan options. It will also cover the actions you need to take to make sure you don’t have a break in coverage. The Chief of the Policy and Programs Section for the TRICARE Health Plan, Mark Ellis, will present and lead a Q&A after the presentation.

“When you retire, you and your family experience a TRICARE Qualifying Life Event,” said Ellis. “If you don’t want to have a gap in your TRICARE coverage after retirement, you must take action and enroll in a TRICARE health plan as a retiree.”

Continuing TRICARE health coverage isn’t automatic after you retire. As described in the TRICARE Retiring from Active Duty Brochure, you need to enroll in an eligible plan within 90 days of your retirement date. Until you enroll in a TRICARE plan as a retiree, you’ll only be eligible for care at a military hospital or clinic if space is available. You can check out the brochure to learn more about your transition from active duty to retirement.

Are you retiring from the National Guard or Reserve? As outlined in the TRICARE Retiring from the National Guard or Reserve Brochure, you may be eligible for several TRICARE health plans depending on your age, retiree status, and location. As a retired Reserve member, you have different TRICARE options available to you before you turn age 60 and once you turn age 60. Check out the brochure for information on how your options change as you age after retirement.

Understanding your TRICARE options before you retire will help you and your family make the best health care decisions later. Don’t miss the Sept. 24 webinar to learn more about retiring with TRICARE. Registration for the webinar is on a first come, first served basis. Register today.

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